Flexible plans for social marketeers

Top Seller

Earn as much as you can by helping our clients

Pick and choose campaigns from the list of clients. Help them by driving sales or conversation based engagement.

MAAD is different as it promises clients guaranteed sales or conversation based branding. You can make a difference by recommending products or service of our clients to friends and family.

Our goal is to help Social Marketer make an additional or full-time income of INR 25,000 to 50,000 per month.

Benefits For a Subscribed Customer

Customers who are actively getting sales will receive the following per quarter.

  • Rs.250 as a bonus
  • Goody Bags from our clients
  • and more benefits than a non-subscribed user gets
T&C's: A minimum of 2 sales has to be met to redeem the above benefits.

How It Works?


Register as a Social Marketeer by providing your details


Take part in the campaigns with no restrictions and drive sales or engagement

Earn Money

Earn as much as you can and transfer it to your Paytm wallet


Subscribe for any of our subscription plans while cashing out to Paytm.

Our Top Marketeers

Rishabh Garg

Rishabh is from Delhi. He is pursuing B.Tech in Food Technology and Management.

He closed 50+ paid subscriptions for Storytel audiobooks.

MAAD rewards Rishabh for his efforts with Rs 2500 cash reward and Rs 5000 worth headphone from Storytel.

Shubham Setia

Shubham is from Delhi, SoPro proteins Top Marketer.

Shubham earned Rs 9653 during this campaign + Rs 1500 for being the top Marketer, a t-shirt, SoPro Shaker and Rs 2000 Gym membership.

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Click here or "Register Now" button at the top of this page. Fill out your details and submit, then you will be redirected to phone verification step. Once verified, check your email to set a password to your account, and your account will be created with MAAD.

Subscription money is charged in order to make sure that the user works for the client sincerely.

If you are not able to login using your password, try resetting your password.

MAAD guarantees 1-3 campaigns in a period of 3 months and if we fail to provide the same, the user gets the subscription money refunded

The free plan includes 5 free invites. You earn Rs 5 everytime one of your friends or family members subscribe. In fact, even the subscriber gets Rs 0 as a cashback. Choose and buy an Invite plan from the list provided. Continue earning anywhere from Rs 750 to Rs 10,000. Go through the plan details carefully before you buy them. In case of any questions chat with us.